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The Death Of Studying (1981 hits)

Upon finals or a significant assignment, you may find your friend texting you about how they are “literally” dying because of studying and cramming everything in the last week. Even though they were supposed to learn something, they are still getting distracted by texts and whining to you. But don’t take these as a joke all the time, because understanding they are not dying doesn’t make you smart. Actually, you can feel bad from studying too much, and it has happened before. Sounds pretty scary, am I right?
Pulling all-nighters or going hard during the last several days is a bad choice and everyone knows it. Students procrastinate and don't even try to avoid it, professors and parents don't check up on them. Nevertheless, we should try and take care of ourselves more. If you're curious about what can help you in this situation, we'll give you advice on how not to die of studying.
Don’t overreact and remember to treat studying as a small part of your life
The pressure of elders such as parents and teachers can make you go insane sometimes, primarily if you’ve been raised to do everything as they say. The grades always need to be higher, time spent in college or university – more effective, precious hours with your friends tend to shorten… If you’re not doing well enough, you won’t get a decent job and won’t be stable enough to live on your own. That’s what they always tell you, even if you’re average. Yet, you need to remember that school is just school, it’s an inefficient part of your life and nothing more. Not everyone is destined to be the best student ever and get only “A+”s, and that’s completely normal. Failing is okay, too! As long as you learn on your own mistakes, you’ll go far in life. Don’t worry.
Get help when you need it
Reaching out for help is never embarrassing and can save you time and resources while you’re getting ready for an exam. It doesn’t matter if you need someone’s notes or help from a professional counseling psychologist. If you feel like it – go for it, and you won't ever regret it. A psychologist can always consult you about your problems and worries, advice you proper techniques for learning the material and calming yourself down. Another helping hand you can take is writing and checking services for different types of assignment such as Edusson. Sure, it's not free, but it's always affordable for students, and it will definitely save some of your energy for actual presentation time.
Stay healthy at all times
Every student knows how hard it is to be healthy during finals, both eating well or working out are hard to achieve. Every time your hand reaches for some salty or sweet snack, and you can't control yourself. You don't have enough time to cook something healthy or go to the gym, so you stay sitting in your working chair and stare into the computer screen with quiz questions. Well, you need to opt for a home-based workout then because sitting still for too long can cause DVT and other severe disorders when your blood gets cut off. Take breaks, move around your house, squat, stretch, you can create an optimized routine. There are a lot of healthy-food cafes and restaurants to try out if you're not a good cook. Otherwise, here is a list of products to use in your dishes or eat separately to have a healthy mind and body:
•fish and meat;
•nuts and seeds;
•fresh greens such as broccoli;
•dark chocolate;
You should remember that even with all the tips you're reading about, you should always prioritize your health and mental well-being. Any grades won't make you happy if you're sick. Please, seek the help of professionals if you have any issues. Good luck with your tests!
Posted By: Theresa Thompson
Thursday, December 20th 2018 at 5:53AM
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