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120 Degrees of Right Knowledge Tazadaq Shah, A Hebrew Israelites use to edify a 5%er NOGE & N.O.I. (491 hits)

In this lecture I. Tazadaq Shah a Hebrew Israelite provide 120 degrees of Right Knowledge to show and prove that the lessons taught by the 5%ers and Nation of Islam are not right and exact. I am an Enlightener therefore this is in no way a defamatory message or lesson to demean or defame the nation of gods and earths or the nation of Islam, but it is showing and proving that the Right knowledge that Yahawah has instilled in me is here to challenge the teachings of W.D. Fard/Ford a Edomite/Caucasian who came bringing this flawed information to my people as I have challenged Christians who say that Jesus was a Edomite/Caucasian that brought that dirty religion called Christianity and Moors who under Drew Ali who brought that diety religion of Islam from Arabs that enslaved raped, robbed ,and murdered their own people. We all know that the Caucasian brought us all of the religions of the world and all that which is in between for the purpose of mind control. I am a Hebrew Israelite; that is my nationality and heritage. My people has always been here since the origin of man. It did not start with Abraham because Abraham had a father who had a father so on and so forth. But Yahawah raised up Abraham and made a contract with him and his son Isaac and Jacob who’s name was changed to Israelite and this covenant will last forever. We Israelites are the chosen people of the creator, you can like that understand it believe it or not I’m not here to convince you I am here to facilitate information and give you the truth. Psalms 105: [9] “Which covenant he made with Abraham, and his oath unto Isaac [10] And confirmed the same unto Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant”
This video Is Done To Show Our Peoples That We Have Been Fooled And In These Days And Times, We Must Have The Right Knowledge, The Right Wisdom, And The Right Overstanding. To Teach Our Children Because All Of Our Youth Is Fallen Victim To The Devils Society. This video Is for You To Seek That Which Is Right And Can Be Verified By Facts And Leave the Myths alone! I challenge anyone including Louis Farrakhan to prove anything that I say in the video as not being correct. I challenge anyone in the NOGE to prove the 120 lesson are not flawed. Tazadaq Shah
Posted By: Tazadaq Shaah
Sunday, February 19th 2017 at 1:39PM
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