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If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong (3412 hits)

Many newlyweds customarily invite God to the "Wedding" to meet the pastor, "Daddy and Momma's Expectations" but at the first sign of a "Storm" their marriage usually crumbles into divorce. Our 41yrs of marriage has lasted because we invited God to reign in our "Marriage", eliminating the word "Divorce" from our vocabulary beginning with seeking God daily in prayer for the strength and patience to practice our love towards Him first then each other to ensure adherence to God's "Love Formula for Success" found in " 1 Corinthians 13" daily where God revealed that we've all got "Stuff" but overall she's "Perfect and I'm "Understanding" ! To God be the glory for all that He has done!

Praise God for the 20 something newlywed couple we had the privilege of ministering to briefly when we overheard the husband responding to a call from a "Pushy Car Salesman" he felt was trying to "Bully" him into returning to the Dealership to sign a legally binding contract on a 2017 vehicle they had looked at earlier without consulting with his wife!

There comes a time ,when you least expect it, that you realize that if you are who God called you to be... unleash God's unapologetic boldness and say something!
Feeling like we were on the TV show " What Would You Do?" we realized that God had given us an "Assignment "at "Mrs. Whites Golden Rule Cafe"
~ ( ) so we introduced ourselves.

This adorable, young ,newlywed couple was so excited about the marriage advice God used us to share with them ~ as we waited for our take out order they held up their Smart Phone to show us where they had already sent their request to join our FB group "Negotiating With Car Dealers" while they were waiting for their order! We prayed with them and welcomed them to our FB family before we left! To God Be The Glory For All That He Has Done!

Bible Gateway passage: 1 Corinthians 13 - New International Version
If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a…
Posted By: Bruce Smith
Sunday, August 14th 2016 at 11:03PM
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Mr. Smith,

You have no knowledge of God. I know what I am saying about you is true because the prophet you claim is not the same race as you are. Only your prophet can put you hand in hand with God.

That's what all the prophets do is connect their people to God. All 48 prophets of the Jewish people in the Christian Bible will all Jews and they came only to the Jewish people. Jesus of Nazareth was a Jewish man. He came out of the Jewish race. Moses was a Jewish man. He came out of the Jewish race.
Prophet Mohammed was an arid man. Prophet Mohammed came out of the Arabian race.

You are not the same race as the Jewish White Jesus was and therefore I know that you don't know God. You have been misled like the deacon Mr. Ron.

Mr. Smith your prophet must be the same race that you are!
Monday, August 15th 2016 at 12:15AM
Harry Watley
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