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Breaking "Generational Strongholds" on Black Family Car Buying Finances! (5242 hits)


Breaking "Generational Strongholds" on Black Family Finances!

Believe it or not Car dealers laugh BEHIND YOUR BACK about making outrageous profits on what you only thought you Knew about NEGOTIATING!

Still think you can do it on your own without a "Professional Coach"?

WARNING !!! : Adult Language in the movie trailer called "Suckers" ~( ) that vividly depicts the vile, scorn the two ruthless, dealerships I used to work at years ago had for their salespeople and potential car buyers of ALL races!

Back in the day (Check out the suspenders, long sleeve shirt and tie) I knew there was no future for me in the "Car Business" as I worked 12 hr shifts to close more sales and earn more commission to help pay our mortgage and feed our family enduring the undesirable , sweltering, 117degree, Arizona heat at two of the most ruthless dealerships in Arizona. My personal experience allowed me to observe their "Zero Tolerance" for ANYONE especially for "PEOPLE OF COLOR" who had the audacity to think they could out negotiate them!

The dealership management's vile, greedy, lying, cheating, stealing, attitude, infuriated one customer so much they sprayed the dealership showroom with gunfire!

That violent event was the last straw and inspired me to promptly retire, surrender my life to Jesus Christ, where shortly there after God called me to become your "Christian Car Buying Advocate", "Brother In The Business" , with a mission to provide those with, "... an ear to hear..."with a POWERFUL, effective , money-saving , advanced negotiation strategy we can show you how you can effectively apply BEFORE YOU engage ANY car dealer. If, after your FREE consultation your still not comfortable going "Belly to Belly" with the car dealer then,with your written permission, we'll advocate, to CLOSE YOUR DEAL FOR YOU at your "Fair Price" that you tell us fits within for your prescribed "Budget" and you will be FREE of any "Buyers Remorse" because you got the OTD price you said you can comfortably afford to pay without compromising your current financial support of your church outreach ministries and God will get the glory!

If what I'm sharing has no value for you then CLEARLY I was wrong and the CAR DEALER WAS RIGHT, when he said , "Make as much outrageous profit as you can on "Black Customers" for BLACKS ARE SUPPOSED TO PAY MORE THAN WHITES because they don't have ANY qualified ADVOCATES committed to helping them gain " INSIDER KNOWLEDGE " about how to effectively speak our "Encrypted Dealer Language" so, making OUTRAGEOUS PROFITS on BLACKS is like taking "Candy from a BABY"!

The irrefutable, reality of that racist statement was true until - - - God SAVED ME - - - to save YOU! ~

If like the hundreds of others who have expressed an interest in learning how to empower your "Circle of Influence" to overcome the temptation to rob God when they engage a car dealer CCBM ~ would like to make available (for a limited time only) an opportunity for anyone (Age 18 and up) to earn a "CCBM Certified Negotiator Certificate" upon successful completion of a short "Dearship Car Buying Negotiation Table Role Play" training session.

We've learned that most of you don't like people in your business so you can send us a private FB message with your cell# (if we can text you) or your email address or email, Beverly Smith , Director CCBM Certification Training .

Since last week we've been inundated with a huge influx of requests resulting in an existing waiting list so prayerfully with your patience you'll be contacted ASAP (when time permits).

To God be the glory for all that He has done! God bless you!
Posted By: Bruce Smith
Saturday, August 13th 2016 at 4:48AM
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For the 20 something newlywed couple we had the privilege of ministering to briefly when we overheard the husband responding to a call from a "Pushy Car Salesman" he felt was trying to "Bully" him into returning to the Dealership to sign a legally binding contract on a 2017 vehicle they had looked at earlier without consulting with his wife! There comes a time ,when you least expect it, that you realize that if you are who God called you to be...
Feeling like we were on the TV show " What Would You Do?" we realized that God had given us an "Assignment "at "Mrs. Whites Golden Rule Cafe"~ ( so we introduced ourselves.
This adorable, young ,newlywed couple was so excited about the marriage advice God used us to share with them as we waited for our take out order they held up their Smart Phone to show us where they had already sent their request to join our FB group "Negotiating With Car Dealers" while they were waiting for their order! We prayed with them and welcomed them to our FB family before we left! To God Be The Glory For All That He Has Done!

Bible Gateway passage: 1 Corinthians 13 - New International Version
If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a…

Sunday, August 14th 2016 at 10:24PM
Bruce Smith
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If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong
Most BLACK PEOPLE "DON'T KNOW - WHAT WE DON'T KNOW about negotiating with car dealers!
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