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~ “Go Back To Africa” ~ (3836 hits)

A Video Shows Man At Trump Rally Shouting

“Go Back To Africa”

Video of the confrontation was recorded just a day after Trump supporters and protestors clashed at a Trump rally that was canceled in Chicago.
Mar. 12, 2016, at 5:21 p.m.
Salvador Hernandez
BuzzFeed News Reporter
As Presented By:
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

A man was recorded yelling “Go back to Africa!” at people while outside a Trump rally in Cleveland Saturday.
The nasty exchange was recorded the day after Trump supporters and protestors clashed at a Trump rally in Chicago, which was eventually canceled by the leading Republican presidential candidate.

“You call yourself an African-American, go back to Africa!” the unidentified man wearing a Cleveland Indians cap and a camouflage hoodie shouted. “If you’re an African first, go back to Africa.”
An MSNBC reporter who posted the video on Twitter called the man a Trump supporter.
The outburst quickly and noticeably rattled people nearby, some who were left with their mouths open, and others who began arguing with him.

“Go back to Europe!” someone in the crowd is heard yelling back.
Meanwhile, a black woman stepped out of the crowd to confront him.
“Y’all brought us here,” she said repeatedly.

The man then yells out that “blacks murder other inner city blacks,” before he begins to just curse at her and another woman in the crowd.
Trump traveled to Cleveland Saturday after his rally was called off Friday in Chicago.
It is also not the first time someone has reportedly yelled out, “Go back to Africa,” at a Trump rally, particularly at protestors.

Jedidiah Brown, one of the protestors who attended the Trump rally in Chicago told the BBC he and other protestors were told by Trump supporters to “go back to our countries.”
“I was told to go back to Africa,” he told the BBC. “I’ve been called a lot of racial slurs,” at the rally.
In recent days, Trump has been under increased scrutiny regarding his rallies and the frequency of violent, often racist, exchanges.
A Breitbart reporter has claimed Trump’s campaign manager roughed her up and bruised her arm when she was trying to ask the candidate a question.
A Trump supporter was also caught on video sucker-punching a protestor as he was being escorted out, and later told a reporter, “we might have to kill him” next time.
Trump, meanwhile, has defended his rallies, calling protestors “bad dudes.”


Trump Defends His Tweet of Fake ISIS Video:
"All I Know Is What's On The Internet"

Matt Novak

Yesterday Donald Trump tweeted a now-debunked video showing that the protester who jumped a barrier at a recent rally was an ISIS supporter. This morning Chuck Todd asked Trump on Meet the Press about the fake video, to which Trump replied, “I don’t know. All I know is what’s on the internet.”

Trump had stated earlier that he believed the protester was involved in a terrorist organization. His tweet attempted to further that narrative.

“This was a guy that was looking to do harm,” Mr. Trump said in Kansas City, Missouri yesterday. “It was probably ISIS or ISIS-related, can you believe it?”

But when confronted this morning by Chuck Todd with the fact that he had tweeted a fake video, Trump basically admitted that as long as it’s on the internet, he feels absolutely no obligation to fact-check what he tweets to his 6.87 million followers.

TRUMP: He was playing Arabic music, he was dragging the flag along the ground, and he had internet chatter with ISIS, so I don’t know if he was or not, but all we did was put out what he had on his internet—dragging the flag, which I respect obviously more than you. He was dragging the American flag on the ground like it was a piece of garbage, okay? I don’t like that and a lot of people don’t like that. And he also had chatter about ISIS... or with ISIS, and you take a look at it. I mean, people are looking at it very seriously now, but you have to check it before you ask the question.

TODD: Well, we have checked it. That’s my point, sir. There’s no ties to ISIS for this man. No law enforcement official... and this video that you link to appears to be a hoax.

TRUMP: Okay, well, you just, look, was it a hoax that he’s dragging the flag? Was that him? It looks like the same man to me. He was dragging a flag along the ground, and he was playing a certain type of music, and supposedly there was chatter about ISIS. Now, I don’t know, what do I know about it? All I know is what’s on the internet. And I don’t like to see a man dragging an American flag along the ground in a mocking fashion.
The video of the protester, Thomas Dimassimo, dragging an American flag on the ground was indeed real and part of an unrelated protest in April of 2015. The original video was posted by Dimassimo himself. However, the video that Trump tweeted was spliced together by an unknown editor with “Arabic music” as Trump puts it, and was intended to troll the protester.

From Buzzfeed:

The alleged ISIS video also includes a description written entirely in Arabic. The Arabic is badly garbled, but appears to say “Tommy D” was trying to look “cool” and as if he has big balls for standing on an American flag.

The alleged ISIS video appears to have been posted to YouTube last May by someone named Thomas Jenners, whose account has since been deleted, then taken down Saturday. But the personal insults directed at Dimassimo are uncharacteristic of ISIS media. It was also posted to Facebook, but has since been deleted.
As of this writing Trump’s tweet is still up and has received 10,242 retweets and 17,476 likes. The video appears to have been removed from YouTube but is still viewable on Trump’s Twitter.

Protests at Trump rallies have really hit a tipping point, with large numbers of people in Chicago and Kansas City turning out to denounce what they see as a very real fascist threat to America should Trump become president.

This past week, a Trump supporter sucker-punched a protester in North Carolina. The attacker would later say that perhaps the protester should’ve been killed. Trump has flatly said that he doesn’t accept responsibility for the violence at his rallies, but has suggested that he’ll look into paying the legal fees of the attacker in North Carolina.

Yesterday Trump said at a rally in St. Louis, Missouri that he would ruin the lives of protestors by pressing charges and deluging them with his legal team. “Their lives are going to be ruined, and they’ll know their lives are going to be ruined,” Trump said.

This kind of rhetoric, of course, doesn’t help the case that Trump isn’t a crypto-fascist who would quickly quash any kind of dissent should he take office.

Trump’s rallies are now filled with the kind of security you’d find at the airport, as you can see from this photo taken this morning in Bloomington, Illinois.

Despite Trump’s claims that all he knows is “what’s on the internet,” we still have no documentary evidence that he has ever used a personal computer.
If you have documentary evidence please send it to us:


Veras Gunn
Matt Novak
3/13/16 3:21pm
“It is utterly terrifying that his man is leading so far ahead in the republican primaries. He lies at every turn, makes threats against other candidates, and frequently claims ignorance about subjects that are either flat out lies or things that are inconvenient to admit because they might offend some of his supporters that lie out on the fringe.

Objectively, claiming ‘All I know is what’s on the internet’ is not something a candidate for the presidency should say. Acting this way about something you read on the internet without researching it is troubling when you are talking about giving power to a man who would have command over one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world.

Every day this primary continues the more I worry for not just this nation, but the world.”

Til Next Time…

~ "SANKOFA" the "MAAFA" ~

In Pride, Justice, Peace, and Love,


Posted By: Gregory Boulware, Esq.
Wednesday, March 16th 2016 at 2:15PM
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"Black Americans Are A New Breed Of People After Slavery In The America's!" Black People, as a matter of record, were here before the white-man. Therefore, having explicit relations with and among the indigenous people of the region, a.k.a., 'Black-Indians!'
(View The Comments as well as The Main Topic)

Saturday, March 19th 2016 at 7:02PM
Gregory Boulware, Esq.
Some Black Americans insist that they are from Africa so why are they offended when others tell them to go back to Africa if they are so miserable in OUR Land. Must See video:
Saturday, March 19th 2016 at 8:21PM
Miss Demi

“Go Back To Africa”


I would prefer the nonEuropean term Africa Asia......for the Believers of the Creator of Adaam(as)

AND as Mr. TRUMP states, "LETS make America GREAT Again"

before the advance of the europeanRacist paganChristian ERA of African Asian Freedom of All people......

Going Back to the Mind that is FREE of racistIgnorance of paganChristian Division into COLORED people.......Would seem to be a GREAT the negroidSlave and 'blackWhiteRedMan' American Period has not been that GREAT for the 'blackExiles' PER the demiWitted one........

'...Some Black Americans insist that they are from Africa so why are they offended miserable in OUR Land..."

Saturday, March 19th 2016 at 8:21PM
Miss Demi


The African Asian Experience .... BEFORE ... 1490 and the advance of europeanRacist paganChristian Evil...... WAS a Truthful, Progressing and NON Genocidal WORLD that contained THE MAJORITY of Humanity and the GREATEST Monotheistic Belief from the Creator of Adaam(as)

the terms 'blackAmerican', 'blackIndian' or "blackPeople' OR 'whitePeople' ARE and HAVE GENESIS only in europeanRacist paganChristian slaverAmericana and genocideAmerica 1492-1864.......

the terms 'blackAmerican', 'blackIndian' or "blackPeople' OR 'whitePeople' ARE and HAVE NEVER, EVER, No History been USED..... Africa Asia

the 'blackWoman' demiWitted Believes HER "OUR Land" not "so miserable"... if you just lay there

Sunday, March 20th 2016 at 9:00AM
robert powell
Mr. Powell, perhaps you need to check your sources. American was before called ASIA, as shown on ancient maps of this hemisphere. Modern Asia is not called ASIA, which simply denotes the land of the AS people. The word is AS-ia, the latter being the suffix/termination, not a part of the actual name.
Sunday, March 20th 2016 at 9:12AM
Miss Demi

“Go Back To Africa”


I would prefer the nonEuropean term Africa Asia......for the Believers of the Creator of Adaam(as)

"OUR land" ....'blackGal' spews more MISCONCEPTION and europeanRacist nonsense..........

".....Mr. Powell, perhaps you need to check your sources. American was before called ASIA, as shown on ancient maps of this hemisphere......"

Sunday, March 20th 2016 at 9:12AM
Miss Demi


Again Ms demi...."blackMisconception".....

......ANY MAP that is "ANCIENT" is of African Asian ORIGIN...Monotheistic ORIGIN...the judeoIslaamic World of 1400 had been USING .... MAPS... for Commerce and Social Integration of SOCIETIES before your "OUR land" 'blackWhite' people could READ

.....Again Most of Humanity and All Monotheistic History, Scholarship and Science is of African Asian ORIGIN...0...1492...2016

......'whiteBlackRedYellow', europeanPagans LIKE most demiWitts... thought the WORLD was FLAT til 1492

NO, I do NOT have to RECHECK any sources

------I and EDUCATED people can READ and UNDERSTAND the History, Scholarship and Science of Africa Asia

------I and EDUCATED people can READ and UNDERSTAND that europeanRacist History is IGNORANT............

Learn something other that racistEuropean nonsense.....'littleBlackGal'

Sunday, March 20th 2016 at 9:31AM
robert powell
Most of humanity Robert?
Sunday, March 20th 2016 at 2:44PM
Steve Williams
...Hearing You Loud and Clear Sister Demi! :-)

In Pride, Justice, Peace, and Love,

~ "SANKOFA" the "MAAFA" ~


Sunday, March 20th 2016 at 5:02PM
Gregory Boulware, Esq.
My honorable esquire Boulware, We can lead the thirsty horse to the river, but We cannot make him drink. lol
Sunday, March 20th 2016 at 7:11PM
Miss Demi
...Undeniably True Sister Demi.

However, Brother Robert 'Imam' Powell has a rather strong point, while many would not be acceptable of his approach. I do understand his logic and position of choice.

Many thanks to you one and all for your comments and opinions - they are all well received.

In Pride, Truth, Justice, Peace, and Love,


Sunday, April 3rd 2016 at 10:46AM
Gregory Boulware, Esq.
...A Conclusion! or In Conclusion (I hope):

...“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people!"

"What a lot of people don’t know is that FRANCIS GALTON was a cousin of Charles Darwin. FRANCIS GALTON took Charles Darwin’s philosophy, ideas and thoughts and put them into practice!"

"We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

"I do not join in the belief that, the African is our equal in brain or in heart and I believe that, if we can in any fairway possessor ourselves of his service, we have an equal right to utilize them to our advantage…"

Right On Brother Deacon! You Tell It Like It Is! ...TEACH BROTHER TEACH!

It's Up To Those Who Believe In "The Awakening" To Wake Up and Do Something To Curtail The Attempted Murder and Murders of Our Innocents and Law-Abiding Proud and Respectable Black Folk as well as Those of Color! "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step...VOTE! ...VOTE WITH PRIDE AND TRUTH IN THOSE WHO WOULD REPRESENT YOU, YOUR NEEDS, AND THOSE OF A UNIFIED AND INCLUSIVE SOCIETY!

Now, I wonder how many of us are truly listing (reading) and getting the point to what we have been trying to convey to the MASSES? Will they (we know about the ones in the wood-pile) now go out and vote for the people who truly hate them (us), who truly want to see them (us) eliminated; destroyed and wiped of the face of the Earth?

I think NOT!

Brother Deacon, I thank you for keeping up the good work and fighting the "Big Fight!" Lord knows, we'e had our share of those who say they like us, care for us, work with us, represent us when they truly do not! ...All that yet you can't live next door to them, hang out with them or their kids, and you especially better not even think about hugging thier wife or marrying their daughter! ...But equality and integration is the key right?

Posers Are as Posers Do... White-Washing The Truth to Suit Their Manufactured Truth...and we are supposed to believe it.

I'm not naming names or pointing at any particular individual(s), but "the put is in the putting, while "if the shoe fits," "It's In The Paper(s), so it must be true!"

In Pride, Truth, Justice, Peace, and Love,


~ "SANKOFA" the "MAAFA" ~

Thursday, April 21st 2016 at 10:59PM
Gregory Boulware, Esq.
I smh each time I hear a black person ignorantly tell whites "ya'll brought us here." When will our people engage in research of their history and learn who they are. We cannot claim reparations for events that happened in Africa, which NOT A SINGLE black American has proven, even Alex Haley who lied to make his story appear real, and of course, was sued for plagiary because he high-jacked his story from the book of a white writer, THE AFRICAN. Only indigenous people can request reparations for wrongdoings committed against them in their OWN LAND. I feel the same way, if blacks are so darn unhappy in America, go the heck to Africa a see if life will treat them better.
Friday, April 22nd 2016 at 7:24AM
Miss Demi
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