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 Ohio Is Fired Up And Ready To Go For President Obama! (1534 hits)
What a honor it was to be able to show our President and First Lady support at the kickoff rally held on OSU's campus this afternoon! The crowd was diverse and the energy level was so great that we were able to bring the sunshine out by the end of the rally! It was great seeing our city and state representatives which included Mayor Coleman, The Big Man Konata, John Glenn, Ted Strickland, and Senator Brown. The OSU Pep Band did their thing too.

Our First Lady walked onto the platform in a beautiful aqua dress that lit up the Schottenstein Center. The crowd was so happy to see such a strong, statuesque Queen show up to support her King. She gave an inspiring speech that was so on point and real it caused me to shed a few tears. She touched on the point that we as a country are working hard to create positive change that we may not be able to reap all of the benefits in our lifetime but our children or our children's children will. That is so true. Our natural desire as humans is to want to see immediate results from our hard work. We must realize that sometimes the harvest is not ours to reap. Many people have fought the hard fight so that we could reap the reward Don't make me name names. You already know plenty of historians that gave their time, lives, and hard work so America could be better.

After our First Lady shed her light on us she introduced our Commander In Chief, President Obama. He kept us on our feet throughout his entire message and everyone including the kids were "Fired Up, and Ready to Go"! President Obama reminded us of the reasons he is the best person to elect as President. We are always looking for leaders that show they truly care about us. There are many politicians that seek office for financial gain and to create more division amongst our nation. They have teams of investors that will support their monopolizing methods of madness. Politicians will steal from the kids of our country so they can make their pockets fatter as they count their dividends while getting their grub on at a smorgasbord. Meanwhile kids, adults, and senior citizens are dieing from struggle, hunger and a lack of education.

President Obama explained to us today that his goal is to continue to work on issues like improving our education system, and helping senior citizens retire with dignity. Our President is focused on moving our country Forward. He is our leader and our motivator. He is not able to do this alone. That reminds me of Adam and Eve. God new that Adam needed a helpmate so he created Eve. Well, we are the help that God created to stand by our President to help him execute the change our nation needs to get better.

Life is about growing, maturing, and getting better. It takes an average of 70 years for most Americans to grow to their full potential. Meaning it takes a lifespan of 70 years to blossom to our full potential. So we are going to have to understand that it is going to take two terms for our country to get back on its feet after being knocked out in so many ways. I want to see young people get involved. I want to see some fresh talent on the front line.

Let's stand up and do the best we can to help our country improve.

Get Up Stand Up! Stand Up For Our Commander In Chief, his Family and his Administration.

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Posted By: Elynor Moss
Saturday, May 5th 2012 at 10:24PM

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